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Article Wizard (for German)

The article trainer that quizzes you.

With SmartScore function!

Program features:

The Learn Articles quiz presents clues, and you click the correct article. If you make a mistake, the correct article flashes.  
Learn Articles Quiz
Contains a personal database that lets you store your own customized vocabulary. You can add, edit and delete words.
Comes with words. Over 700 words already in the database (educational version comes without words for teacher's convenience). New screens make adding and changing words easy!
New easy to use screens make adding and changing words a snap!  
edit words thumbnail
Word List feature allows words to be grouped by chapter or class-week. New words can then be introduced easily as students progress.
The Import feature makes life easier for teachers (type simple word lists for students to import) and for students (import each week's or chapter's teacher supplied word list)
Score display
  The score of each session is displayed at the bottom of the quiz screens for immediate feedback about your learning success.
Through the unique SmartScore function the program presents newer words most often, and then gradually less often depending on your progress.

Who is it for? 
Students of German who need help memorizing articles.

Why do you need it? 
Because teachers agree that for learning a new language it is essential to build a vocabulary by memorizing words. Many students of German have trouble memorizing German noun articles. Article Wizard, the perfect supplement to context-based materials, makes this task easy and effortless.

Available for Macintosh and Windows

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